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Meet Alison!  Just a regular kid, nothing special really...

except that she can do stuff like this!

or this... or this...

or this...

or this...

She has also won lots of these too (the medals not the lockers)!

She seems sweet..


don't underestimate her...

So you are probably thinking, "hmm, my kid can do that stuff" or "I know lots of people like that."  Well of course!  There are many amazing athletes out there!  However, did those athletes overcome a debilitating condition where their brains were being sucked into their spine only to go through traumatizing brain surgery where they cauterize something and put pieces of cow heart in your skull, all at age 2, and then beat all odds by becoming a champion gymnast!?  I think NOT (but if they did, I want to hear about it)!  Alison is amazing, and has overcome some serious stuff!  Plus she does things like this...

Easy?  Think about it, she is calmly relaxing on some skinny wood thingy that I can't even climb up on.  That is AMAZING! 

Alison is more than someone who has had brain surgery though.  She embodies what it takes to become great at something against unfavorable odds!  She is talented...for sure... you have to be.  But somewhere inside of her 10 year old frame, she understands that talent is not enough.. if you want to be truly special. 

I was graciously allowed to come to the gym where Alison works out to snap a few photographs of her doing some stuff!  By stuff I mean, gravity defying feats of wonder!  She entered the gym with this quiet demeanor, not shyness... more like... confidence.  Age defying confidence that I certainly did not have when I was ten (let alone now).

Immediately she stood out to me!  I quickly realized that she is not defined by her past so much as she defines her present.  She doesn't just sit around and think about being great, she goes out and makes it happen.

She also does a good Lebron James Impression!  I would love to see him try and pose without any effort on a balance beam!  Alison and I spent about 2 1/2 hours taking pictures, most of that time she was doing stuff and I just snapped away.  Stuff like this...

I realized how desensitized I am to crazy hard things as I watched her effortlessly do back flips and basically fly through the air.  Personally I blame the Olympics!  Then she hopped onto some uneven bars and spun around them fantastically!  Earlier thoughts of cow hearts and brain surgery melted away.  Limitations turned into limitless possibilities.  I examined my own self imposed limitations as I sat there seeing her do things I can only dream of doing.  I had the distinct feeling that Alison doesn't see limitations as being limiting, she sees them as simple hurdles to climb over, or in her case front flip over!

As our 2 hour photo shoot came to a conclusion, Alison had a short time to eat some lunch then be back to the gym for another 4 hours of rigorous training.  I couldn't help but feel energized by her strength and dedication. So yeah, to some she may be a normal girl, nothing special.  Upon careful examination, however, she is much more than that!  To her parents, she is everything, she is a miracle!  To me she is inspiration and truly {noteworthy}.

Alison is a nationally ranked gymnast who recently took 1st place in all four events and won the overall portion for her age division at a national competition in Las Vegas!  She was the first ever 10 year old to score a perfect 10 on the uneven bars and was honored to speak with the judges after her performance!


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3.Jon Diaz Photo
Thank you Pat and Natalie, it was an honor to shoot these pictures and tell this story! Please, if you know of someone with an amazing story that would like it told, let me know I would love to tell it!
2.Pat Young(non-registered)
Spectacular young lady. Thank you for sharing. I'm passing it on.
1.Natalie Boecker(non-registered)
It is an honor to say I am related to this amazing, precious, talented (the list could go on and on!) little girl!!! Great photos and narrative capture Alison's story & spirit.
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