Braelyn (Superhero)Braelyn (Superhero)Braelyn (Superhero)

"We are thrilled to be a part of this project. It was so special and fun to see Braelyn transformed into the superhero we already know she is inside. Even now, months after her photo shoot, she still talks about how she is Superhero Braelyn. This project means a lot to us, not only because of how it has lifted Braelyn's spirits, but because of how it is bringing much needed awareness to this awful disease. Awareness leads to funding, which means research which leads to a cure. A cure is something these kids need and deserve. They deserve to grow up and live their dreams!"  
- Kristen Oliver (Braelyn's Mom)

Cami (The Fairy)Cami (The Fairy)


"Having Cami involved in this project was such a joy for our family. It really was a form of healing for all of us, in more ways than one. Jon gave Cami the gift of a dream.  She always smiled from ear to ear when we talked about her photo shoot and wondered what her fairy dress would look like. The day of the shoot was wonderfully hectic, tiring and a welcome break from our isolated medical world.  Cami felt like a celebrity as she was transformed from a sick little girl into a lovely little fairy! It was truly magical! The images Jon created from that special day are just breathtaking! They will forever remind Cami to dream big and that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Childhood cancer is no easy thing. It can be dark and scary, but Jon has eased a bit of our burden. He has given us a beautiful distraction, a memory and a dream to smile about and to always remember!"  

- Chelsea Carver (Cami's Mom)

Cami and MIllieCami and MIllie


"I am honored to be a part of this magical project. It is everything that Millie's Princess Foundation stands for. The photos bring an incredible amount of hope to the child being featured in the image, as they are transcended into their very own imagination. Whatever their dream may be, Jon creates it. It's magic. These images are also incredibly uplifting to anyone and everyone that sees them. They take you from your reality and allow your mind to drift into a wonderland. This project also raises an immense amount of awareness to the world of childhood cancer, something that is desperately needed. These children are overlooked in the cancer world and now they will be right there in a beautiful way for the world to see. My daughter never wanted to be thought of as different or sick, instead she wanted to show the world that she can dream and live to the fullest. That is just what this book does. Millie would be in love with this project.  In the end this book will also help many families in need financially as (most/some) of the proceeds will be helping those that are struggling. I am just grateful to be a small part of what Jon is creating"

-Amanda Flamm (Millie's Mom)

Ellie (the Baker)Ellie (the Baker)


"I was so amazed at the many volunteer hours that we witnessed as we watched this fun activity.  You are so wonderful to give to others your amazing talent and also your thoughtful understanding of what these little patients have gone through.  We are very blessed to know you and to be involved with this project."

-Cathy Wilcock (Ellie's Grandma)